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Member hub

Our Member Charter is currently being revised and updated

We will republish the charter on our website as soon as it is updated. Thanks for your understanding.

What you can do in the member hub

In the member hub you'll find all the information you need about being a member of the NHS Pension Scheme, including accessing both the 1995-2008 Member Guide (PDF: 5.02MB) and the 2015 Member Guide (PDF: 2.59MB).

If you work for the NHS and you are not in the Scheme, you can find out how to join.

If you have a change of circumstances

There may be changes in your circumstances that can affect your pension.

Find out what to do if you:

Your pension

Find out about:

Read more about pensionable pay (PDF:145KB).

For information on the Public Service Pension Remedy, or McCloud, visit our dedicated web hub

Tax considerations

For information on the Public Service Pension Remedy, or McCloud, visit our dedicated web hub

Preparing for retirement

You can:

Latest guidance on easements from coronavirus action plan

Keep informed

It’s important that you tell us about a change of address or personal details so we can keep our records up to date.

If we are not able to contact you we may use the services of a third party to check the address shown on your credit history record to see if the address they hold is more up to date.

This will leave a 'soft trace' on your credit record and will be visible to you if you access your credit report.

This does not affect your credit rating.

Individual earnings margins being issued ahead of temporary suspension to regulations on retire and return ending

27th February 2024

Publish date 18 January 2022. Individual earnings margins issued. Normal arrangements from 25 March 2022.

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DHSC consultation outcome - April 2024 scheme regulation changes

23rd February 2024

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Contributions to the NHS Pension Scheme are changing

22nd February 2024

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