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Member hub

We now have COVID-19 guidance on the government’s measures to allow recently retired NHS staff and social care workers to return to work or increase their commitments

COVID-19 guidance on support for retired members

In the member hub you'll find all the information you need about being a member of the NHS Pension Scheme.

If you work for the NHS and you are not in the Scheme, you can find out how to join.

If you have a change of circumstances

There may be changes in your circumstances that can affect your pension.

Find out what to do if you:

Your pension

Find out about:

Read more about pensionable pay (PDF:145KB).

Tax considerations

Preparing for retirement

You can:

Keep informed

Keep up to date by subscribing to our:

It’s important that you tell us about a change of address or personal details so we can keep our records up to date.

If we are unable to contact you we may use the services of a 3rd party to check the address shown on your credit history record to see if the address they hold is more up to date.

This will leave a 'soft trace' on your credit record and will be visible to you if you access your credit report.

This does not affect your credit rating.


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