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Electronic Staff Record (ESR)

Information and guides that will help you use the Electronic Staff Record.

ESR best working practice guide (PDF: 122KB)

ESR Reconciliation

Reconciliation Report Guide for Employers (PDF: 330KB) - This guide has been produced to help you understand the differences in the reconciliation reports and how to rectify the differences between the data on ESR and NHS Pensions.

ESR Reconciliation Amendment Template (PDF: 384KB) - For ESR Reconciliation amendments, please use this template and send the completed template to

ESR Reconciliation Amendment Template Guidance (PDF: 384KB) - For guidance on how to complete the ESR Reconciliation amendment template.

ESR Reconciliation Roll Out Plan (PDF: 184KB) - This roll out plan has been designed to inform employers when they will receive ESR Reconciliation reports from the ESR Reconciliation team and what the content of the reports will be.

ESR - NHS Pensions Interface guide (PDF: 1.23MB) - The Guide covers a number of areas and these are divided into the following sections:

1. Document control

2. Contents

3. Introduction

4. New joiner interface

5. NHS Pensions inbound interface

6. Changes interface

7. Payroll update (leavers) interface

8. Year end interface

9. Bank staff

10. Pension elements

11. Absences

12. Pension reports

13. Data matching

14. Reconciliation

15. Setting up the Payroll to use the interfaces

16. Trust merger files and TUPE transfers

Appendix 1 - NHS Pension contribution rate tables

Appendix 2 - Salaried GP's Technical Newsletters

Appendix 3 - Frequency of interfaces

Appendix 4 - Auto Enrolment

Appendix 5 - Bank staff prior to January 2014

Guide to ESR-NHS Pensions interface Reports (Fatal Errors/Warnings) (PDF: 451KB)

This guide is intended to assist employers in understanding the reasons for NHS Pensions rejection of data received via the ESR-NHS Pensions Interface. It is hoped that the NHS Hub Reports containing details of these errors/ warnings will assist understanding of how these issues are created and why items are rejected or queried and therefore help keep both systems reconciled.