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Getting an estimate of your pension

We provide active and deferred members with an Annual Benefit Statement through the Total Reward Statement portal. They’re also known as Total Reward Statements.

You can watch our video for information about how to request an estimate of your NHS Pension:

 Download the video transcript (PDF: 143KB).

What you get from our statements

The service is free of charge and is an efficient way to get information about your NHS pension.

Pension statements refresh yearly, based on information supplied by your employer up to 31 March.

Find out more on our Total Reward Statement information website.

Early retirement calculator

The early retirement calculator shows what to expect if you claim benefits earlier than normal pension age. 

You’ll need to access your Annual Benefit Statement to use the calculator.

The calculator will not estimate 1995 Section benefits for members aged 50 to 55.

Early retirement Calculator (Excel:106KB)

You can read the early retirement calculator guidance (PDF: 185KB) to help you.

If you don’t have an Annual Benefit Statement

Sometimes statements might not be available via the Total Reward Statement portal.

If you’re an active member, your employer may be able to provide different types of an estimate.

You should check with them first before contacting NHS Pensions.

You can request an estimate from us if:

  • your employer can’t provide you with an estimate
  • you’re a deferred member
  • you’re a Pension Credit member

How to request an estimate

There are different types of estimates.

View the request form before you request an estimate. It will help you understand the different types of estimate and which one is applicable for what you want.

Estimate request form (PDF: 281KB)

Estimates supporting information

Read the relevant Key Notes if you want more detailed information about your estimate. This information includes:

  • how your pension will be worked out
  • survivor benefits
  • retirement lump sums
  • pay information
  • membership
  • pensions increase
  • pension sharing or earmarking

1995 Section (PDF: 151KB)2008 Section (PDF: 207KB)2015 Scheme (PDF: 143KB)Ill health (PDF: 170KB)​​​