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Technical guidance

In this section you will find the information you need to administer the NHS Pension Scheme on behalf of your members.

For a broad overview of the administrative tasks you need to perform read our quick start guide. It is aimed at employers who have recently been accepted as Employing Authorities of the NHS Pension Scheme and for new pension professionals responsible for the administration.

It is important that you keep us up to date with any changes to contact names, emails and addresses at your organisation.  If anything changes, please use the employer organisation contact details form to let us know.

The NHS Pension Scheme useful dates document sets out the key dates throughout the history of the NHS Pension Scheme. Please be aware that the terminology used in this document reflects the terms in use at the time and will differ to terms that are currently in use.

Employer Newsletter

You can keep up to date with the latest news by subscribing to the monthly Employer Newsletter. If you would like to sign up to receive this, please send your email address to

Add this email address to your address book or safe senders list to reduce the risk of the newsletters being filtered into your junk or spam folder.  

To help us evaluate our services, we may contact you from time to time to invite you to share your views. Your details will not be shared with any third parties.

On occasion you can request a specific archived newsletter, please check the Employer Newsletter article titles (2006 to present) list and email stating the newsletter you require and the reason for this.

Recent Employer Newsletters

Below are the Employer Newsletters from this year:

Employer Newsletter 7 - July 2017

  1. Website feedback
  2. Address change reminder
  3. Certificates/self addressed envelope
  4. Medical services transition
  5. Finance arrangements
  6. 2017 Year end updates
  7. Total Reward Statements/Annual Benefit Statements data cut
  8. Heat maps (ESR employers)
  9. New call handler procedure
  10. Letter of authority policy amendment
  11. Annual Allowance information deadline date
  12. Estimates for members who have membership in the 1995/2008 Scheme with Protection of Pay
  13. Most viewed Ask Us articles
  14. Pension Online downtime

Employer Newsletter 6 - June 2017

  1. Our postal address has changed
  2. Data required for Annual Allowance
  3. The NHS Pensions website
  4. Estimated Scheme Pays elections
  5. Targeted member surveys
  6. Prudential Money Purchase Additional Voluntary Contributions (MPAVCs)
  7. Submitting a joiner form (SS10) (Non ESR employers)
  8. Total Reward Statements / Annual Benefit Statements data cut
  9. Most viewed Ask Us articles
  10. Pensions Online downtime

Employer Newsletter 5 - May 2017

  1. Submitting a lump sum choice through Pensions Online
  2. Earnings cap
  3. Part time pensionable pay update
  4. The Pensions Board
  5. CCGs and the retention of Special Class and Mental Health Officer status
  6. Our new look website is live
  7. ESR email address exercise
  8. Equality monitoring questionnaire
  9. Most viewed Ask Us articles
  10. Pensions Online downtime

Employer Newsletter 4 - April 2017

  1. Introduction of an Administration Levy
  2. Our new look website is on the way
  3. New functionality on Pensions Online (POL) - 2015 employment history
  4. Total Reward and Annual Benefit Statements (TRS/ABS) annual update plan 2017
  5. GP locum forms update
  6. Prudential Money Purchase Additional Voluntary Contributions (MPAVCs)
  7. Non POL / ESR forms - contraction out information
  8. Annual update spreadsheet
  9. Ill health retirement
  10. Projecting retirement and benefits statement details (AEBS) for 2015 Scheme members - reminder
  11. Request for contributions and pay
  12. The Pensions Board
  13. Most viewed Ask Us articles
  14. Pensions Online downtime

Employer Newsletter 3 - March 2017

  1. The new look website is on the way
  2. Changes to bereavement documents
  3. Protection of Pay reminder
  4. Products that are chargeable
  5. Pensions Digitisation
  6. Most viewed Ask Us articles
  7. Pensions Online downtime

Employer Newsletter 2 - February 2017

  1. Auto enrolment reminder
  2. Year end submissions
  3. Non Pensions Online users
  4. Non ESR and non Pensions Online (POL) year end submissions
  5. Maximum membership and age in the 1995 and 2008 Sections
  6. Individual Protection 2014 - reminder
  7. Equitable Life Money Purchase Additional Voluntary Contributions (MPAVCs) - Change of bank details
  8. GP retirements
  9. Free estimate clarification
  10. Non calculation of Annual Benefit Statement in 2016
  11. Added Years information for transitioned members only - Annual Benefits Statement (ABS) via the TRS Portal
  12. Secondment without Retention of Employment
  13. 2017/18 NHS Pension Scheme contributions estimate
  14. NHS Pension Scheme Administration levy from April 2017
  15. Digitisation priorities for 2017
  16. Annual Pay Award
  17. Have you viewed our new videos?
  18. The new look NHS Pensions website is on its way
  19. Most viewed Ask Us articles
  20. Pensions Online downtime

Employer Newsletter 1 - January 2017

  1. 2017-18 NHS Pension Scheme contributions estimate
  2. Year end 2017 updates for non Pensions Online (POL) / Electronic Staff Record (ESR) users
  3. Reminder - Disclosure of Senior Managers' Remuneration (Greenbury) 2017
  4. Most viewed Ask Us articles
  5. Pensions Online downtime

Disclosure of senior managers' remuneration (Greenbury)

Greenbury 2017

All requests for disclosure information must be received by NHS Pensions between 23 January 2017 and 3 February 2017.


This will enable us to provide you with the necessary disclosure information by 1 April 2017, which will allow you more time to prepare and submit your draft accounts by 26 April 2017. We are unable to guarantee that requests or queries received after 3 February 2017 will be dealt with by 1 April 2017.


There is also a Pensions Online guide available for Greenbury on the Pensions Online webpage.


If you are a CCG, you should read the pension status factsheet available on the information for practitioner, locum and non-GP webpage.



Information about eligibility to join the NHS Pension Scheme and what actions employers need to take

Transferring in

Information about the rules and criteria surrounding transfers in to the NHS Pension Scheme

Increasing benefits

Information about the options that exist within the Scheme for a member to increase their NHS Pension

Membership, contributions and pay

Employer information on membership, contributions and pay

Options on leaving the Scheme

Options available to members to leave the Scheme and what you need to do.


Information about the different types of retirement options for members of the NHS Pension Scheme.

Family benefits and life assurance

Information about family benefits and life assurance.

Divorce or dissolution of a civil partnership

Information about how an NHS Pension is affected if a divorce or dissolution of a civil partnership happens.

Tax information

Information about the Finance Act, Annual Allowance and tax charges that may apply to a member’s NHS Pension.