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Employer resources

We're producing resources to help you give information to your members.

We'll place new resources on this page as they become available. Always access resources from this page rather than saving them to  make sure you're always accessing the latest version.

Using the NHS Pensions employer hub

The employer hub provides information and resources for employers of the NHS Pension Scheme.

We have created a video to show you how to navigate the NHS Pensions website and the employer hub, and to give a high level overview of the information and pages available.

Using the NHS Pension Scheme employer hub video transcript (PDF: 164KB)

Trust Stakeholder Event

Bereavement-Death in service (PDF:307KB)Pensions and Tax presentation (PDF:745KB)

Trust regional meeting

Special Class Turning Point (PDF:393KB)Final Salary Linking Turning Point (PDF:339KB)MHO Turning Point (PDF:592KB)

Pre-retirement course

Pre-retirement presentation (PowerPoint: 4.29MB)

ESR stakeholder event

ESR slides (PDF: 896KB)NHS Pensions slides (PDF: 2MB)

Member journeys

How to get an estimate (PDF:1.93MB) Opting out of the Scheme (PDF: 1.23MB)Getting a refund (PDF: 1.24MB)Transferring out of the Scheme (PDF: 1.24MB)Making a nomination (PDF:1.24MB)

GP Practice Stakeholder Events

Completing the non-POL spreadsheet 

For employers who do not have access to Pensions Online (POL), this video demonstrates how to submit your annual update using the non-POL spreadsheet.

 Download the video transcript (Word: 327KB)