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Employer toolkit

The employer toolkit offers guidance and support throughout the statement delivery.

The toolkit includes:

If you’ve outsourced payroll or pension services, it’s important that you make sure your provider can support you.

For help on this, you can contact us.

We've set out guidance in this section about what is needed from you. This includes:

  • providing accurate and up to date data
  • local promotion of Total Reward Statements (TRS) and Annual Benefit Statements (ABS)
  • regularly communicating with your employees
  • managing employee queries

It is also recommended that you encourage your employees to download and save copies of their TRS for their own records.

Accurate up to date data

We need accurate data to be able to process and produce the Total Reward Statements and Annual Benefit Statements.

Managing statements in your area

The HR Director / HR lead is the key contact for your organisation unless you tell us otherwise.

They're accountable for the overall delivery of TRS/ABS in your organisation. We also need a contact for day-to-day management of TRS in your organisation. We'll contact this person if, for example, there's issues with pension and employee data.

If you want to nominate a different Total Reward Statement contact, please email:

How to view your organisation's access rate (ESR organisations)

Electronic Staff Record (ESR) provides employers with a number of periodic reports that allow you to see how many of your employees are accessing their TRS. These are:

Weekly TR SAC (Statement Access Counts) files (Excel: 10.3KB) are sent to employers. This report contains the overall counts of statements available and counts of unique views (by ESR employee number) since the upload and for the week.

Monthly TR DMD files (Excel: 107KB) contain a summary of key ESR data items which require some data cleansing that are used to generate a TRS statement for an employee.

Annual TR DMD report (Excel: 18.4KB) for the individual VPD.

If you have any queries about these reports please contact ESR.

Information for non-ESR organisations

If your employees do not have access to Electronic Staff Record (ESR), they may have previously used Gov.UK Verify to access their Annual Benefit Statement (ABS). Gov.UK Verify closed on 30 March 2023.

If your employees are actively contributing to the NHS Pension Scheme, we'll write to them by the end of August 2023 to provide their registration information for our new digital platform, My NHS Pension, where they'll be able to access their statement.

If your employees have previously accessed their statement in the last 12 months via Gov.UK Verify, they should have already received their letter to register for My NHS Pension.

If they've already been in touch to request a copy of their statement from us, and are a non-ESR user, we'll be in touch soon to invite them to register for My NHS Pension.

If your employees need to access their statement sooner, they can contact us via: 

Online: select service 'My NHS Pension' on our online form