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Promoting the statements

This section provides Total Reward Statements (TRS) and Annual Benefit Statements (ABS) information about:

  • promoting your local benefits
  • the promotional tools that will be provided to you

Add logos to TRS or ABS communications

We recommend you add your logo to all TRS and ABS communications.

Our research tells us that employees will read a communication with their employer’s logo.

We also recommend you include details about TRS and ABS in local communication tools, for example in an employee magazine. This will build awareness that the project is supported at a local level. 

Nominate a TRS or ABS champion

We strongly recommend that you nominate a TRS or ABS champion to support employees when the statements are available.

This might be someone from your HR Reward Team who has a clear understanding of your employee engagement strategy.

The champion should understand:

  • what the project is
  • what information is available for employees
  • how employees can access their statements

They might also hold workshops to show employees how to access their statement.


Promote your local benefits (ESR)

For organisations that use ESR, the local benefits section of the statement is your opportunity to promote the benefits you offer to your employees.

It's really important for employees to understand the full value they receive from working at the NHS. The benefits you offer are a big part of this.

You can promote your local benefits in the online statement by uploading a local benefits page.

Quick tips for writing your local benefits page

When writing your local benefits page:

  • give an overview of each benefit
  • highlight the advantage to employees of selecting each benefit you offer
  • communicate the associated cost savings - for example if the benefit is through salary sacrifice reference the tax and National Insurance savings
  • tell employees where they can get more information about each benefit
  • provide contact details of the benefit providers

Useful tools 

Branding guidelines

Visual identity for branding local communications pack (PDF: 633KB)This pack provides information about the visual identity for TRS and ABS. It ensures consistent branding is used on all materials produced.

Images for local communications use

Bubble, icon, logo and strapline images (ZIP: 3.8MB)This ZIP file contains multiple JPEG, PNG and DB files.

Character images (ZIP: 1.42MB)

This ZIP file contains multiple JPEG and PNG files.