Pharmacy payments

NHS Prescription Services sends English pharmacists a schedule of payments before payment is made. The aim is to send these out to pharmacists to arrive five working days before the payment date. 

Pharmacists are paid on the first of the month unless this date is a bank holiday or weekend, in which case payment is brought forward to the nearest prior working day. The only exception to this is when 1 April falls on a weekend or bank holiday, in which case payment will be made on the next available working day and not brought forward to 31 March or earlier. This is to meet the Department of Health's requirement for a maximum of 12 payments to be made in any one financial year. If the payment date was brought forward to 31 March or earlier, this would result in 13 payments in the financial year.

There may be circumstances where the planned date for dispatch and release onto the Information Services Portal of the schedules is changed.  The table below gives you information about when we plan to send and release to you your next schedule. If you do not receive your payment schedule by the payment date, please phone our helpdesk on 0300 330 1349.

As of  01 March 2017
the planned payment dates are:

 Payment date  Planned or actual  What it is based on  When we plan to send out your schedule and release onto the Information Services Portal
01 March 2017
Value of December Schedule
21 February 2017
03 April 2017
Planned Value of January Schedule
24 March 2017

Further information regarding Payment Schedules click here