ePACT.net is an application which allows authorised users at Primary Care Organisations (PCOs) / Area Teams / Trusts and National users to electronically access prescription data.


Following the recent release of Java version 1.8 a technical issue with the ePACT system has been highlighted.  ePACT currently operates on Java version 1.6; users operating on Java version 1.8 will be unable to access the epact system.

Due to the review of ePACT no updates are currently taking place, as a result the system will not be updated to operate alongside Java 1.8

We would recommend that all users of ePACT use only systems running Java version 1.6. If your organisation is updating to Java version 1.8 we would recommend a separate machine is maintained running Java version 1.6.

NB. Please note that ePACT.net is only accessible on the N3 network.  

If you would like to have access to ePACT.net please complete the registration form (N3 network connection required).


ePACT.net (N3 network connection required).


ePACT.net downloader provides the most efficient method of obtaining and manipulating large volumes of ePACT.net data, allowing the prescribing advisors to produce complex prescribing reports detailing prescribing by practices for a wide range of therapeutic areas.




A service for pharmaceutical and prescribing advisors which allows real time on-line analysis of the previous sixty months prescribing data held on NHS Prescription Services' Prescribing Database.

Data is updated on a monthly basis (6 weeks after the dispensing month) and can be selected according to:

  • Reporting period (i.e. month, quarter, year)
  • Prescribing organisation (e.g. practice, PCO, Area Team)
  • BNF classification (chapter to presentation level)
  • Controlled drugs tag.

The data available includes:

  • Budgets and expenditure forecasts
  • Costs and volumes of prescribing
  • Prescribing totals by prescribers at all BNF levels
  • Prescribing from none medical prescribers 
  • Patient list sizes
  • Low Income Scheme Index scores for practices
  • Average Daily Quantities and Defined Daily Doses.
  • Prescribing On Behalf Of PCT/Practice.
  • Dispensing contractor name and address
  • Data can be displayed in tabular and graphical formats

A 'tagging' facility for specific requests is available. The selection of data can be grouped by specific practices (e.g. rural, dispensing, locality) or specific BNF categories (e.g. practice formulary, specialist drugs). BNF tags can be shared between users (e.g. to assist in the monitoring of formularies within a PCO). A set of pre-defined BNF tags is provided and users can also create and save their own tags.

Data can be filtered to analyse repeat dispensing, Local Pharmaceutical Services and Out of Hours Care Providers.
Query results can be saved to disk or exported to other PC applications. Users can defer the processing of large queries and view the results when convenient.

This service is available to:

  • Hospital Trusts
  • Mental Health Trusts
  • Primary Care Organisations (PCOs)
  • Area Teams
  • Agencies acting on behalf of the NHS 

National Users including:

  • Department of Health (DH)
  • National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE)
  • Care Quality Commission
  • Health & Social Care Information Centre

Information is available at a variety of levels:

  • Prescriber, practice, & PCO level for PCO users
  • PCO and Area Team level for Area Team and National users
  • Specialty for Trust users

Practice prescribing can be analysed comparatively using a variety of patient denominators such as:

  • Patient
  • Prescribing Unit (PU)
  • ASTRO PU - Age, Sex and Temporary Resident Originated Prescribing Unit
  • STAR PU - Specific Therapeutic group Age-sex Related Prescribing Units 

ePACT.net allows National and Area Team users the ability to monitor Private Controlled Drug Prescribing.

National users have an option to switch between FP10 NHS prescribing or Private Controlled Drug prescribing at PCO, Area Team and National level. National users will need to apply for access to Private CD Prescribing, in the first instance, by contacting NHS Prescription Services, Information Services on 0191 203 5050.

NHS Prescription Services welcomes feedback to help further develop the service. Please contact nhsbsa.help@nhs.net.