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Our latest version of the SNOMED - BNF Mapping document is available:

March 2018

The next version is due to be published in June 2018.

The BNF SNOMED mapping version that is published contains data pertaining to the last month of the previous full financial quarter, for example March 2018 dataset contains data relating to December 2017)

What the document contains

The BNF SNOMED Mapping document contains:

  • BNF Code
  • SNOMED code at AMPP Level (please note that the June 2018 file (based on March 2018 data) will show the SNOMED at both AMP and AMPP Level)
  • dm+d (dictionary of medicines and devices) description
  • MDR description


BNF Code 

This is a 15 digit code in which the first seven digits are allocated according to the categories in the BNF. The last 8 digits represent the medicinal product, form, strength and the link to the generic equivalent product.

NHS Prescription Services has created pseudo BNF chapters which are not published for items not included in BNF chapters 1 to 15. Most of these items are dressings and appliances, which NHS Prescription Services has classified into the pseudo BNF chapters 20 - 23.



This is a universal identifying code unique to a medicinal product.


Actual Medicinal Product Pack Description.  A description or full name that is used to uniquely identify the actual medicinal product pack within dm+d

dm+d (dictionary of medicines and devices) description

This contains unique identifiers (codes) and associated textual descriptions for representing medicines and medical devices in information systems and electronic communications.

It has been developed for use throughout the NHS as a way of uniquely identifying the specific medicines and medical devices used in the diagnosis or treatment of patients.


MDR description

MDR is the NHSBSA database which holds drug and appliance records. It is used in the processing and reporting of prescription information. These records are organised within the database, using British National Formulary (BNF) codes.