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BNF SNOMED mapping

We publish BNF/SNOMED mapping data.

One Drug Database (ODD) has now been implemented and as the data has now moved to the new format we have updated the BNF SNOMED mapping file to reflect this. The 'MDR: Product Description' has been replaced with the new naming convention, 'BNF Description'.

The dataset shows one row for every VMP / AMP / VMPP / AMPP record and a field showing which BNF code this maps to.

The data published in August 2021 contains information relating to June 2021. 

How often we'll publish data

We'll publish refreshed data on a monthly basis. Data will relate to the latest available dispensing months data in ePACT2 at the time of publication. For example, data published by the end of August 2021 contains data relating to June 2021 dispensed prescriptions.

SNOMED - BNF mapping document July 2021 (ZIP file: 16.8MB)

This ZIP file includes an Excel spreadsheet of mapping data for June 2021 (Excel: 16.5MB).

BNF/SNOMED guidance document (Word: 246KB)