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Prescriber details

The Prescriber Details dataset provides information on prescribers such as the prescriber code, prescriber name, prescriber type and details of the employing practices. This dataset is published each month.

The information NHS Prescription Services hold on practices is supplied to us by SICBLs, ICBs, commissioning support units, hospital trusts, local authorities and independent sector healthcare providers, and provider organisations.

GP practices may consist of a number of different types of prescribers, including GPs, nurse prescribers, pharmacist prescribers, optometrist supplementary prescribers, physiotherapist supplementary prescribers and podiatrist supplementary prescribers.

NHS Prescription services only captures the initial and surname of prescribers.

Some of the 'practices' listed in the information are not traditional practices. They are other services which the Primary Care Organisation has set up as a practice, such as specialist units or out of hours services. These units are often indicated as having one prescriber linked to the practice however there may be more.

The data includes prescriber details for Isle of Man, Jersey, Guernsey and Alderney.

We do not keep records of prescriber details from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

To access the Prescriber Details dataset go to the Prescriber Details page on the NHSBSA Open Data Portal.