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PCO list size and GP count

A quarterly report showing the patient list size for each PCO, split between prescribing and dispensing patients and showing the number of practices and GPs within each organisation.

The report shows:

  • PCO name
  • Organisation code
  • Practice count
  • Dispensing list size
  • Prescribing list size
  • Total list size
  • GP count

Reports are updated each quarter to include 24 months of data and are available in Excel, csv and PDF formats.

The information NHSBSA Prescription Services hold on practices is supplied to NHS Prescription Services by Primary Care Organisations (PCOs), which include CCGs, Local Authorities, Commissioning Hubs (until Nov 14) and provider organisations

Dispensing List size shows the number of patients registered with a doctor who receive both medical services and dispensing services from their doctor. Please note not all patients registered with a dispensing doctor are eligible to receive dispensing services.

Prescribing list size shows the number of patients registered with a doctor who receive medical services only.

Totals for patient list sizes provided at practice level may differ from total for patient list sizes at PCO level due to changes being applied to practice list sizes during the quarter. Practice list sizes are different if they are not run for the last day in the month of the quarter.

Practices which have closed during the period will be included in the report.

Access the report

You can access the Practice List Size and GP Count report through the Information Services Portal using the Guest Log In.


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