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Invoice reconciliation data

Reconcile invoices for FP10 and FP10HP forms

To reconcile forms dispensed by a community pharmacist, you'll need access to the Itemised Prescribing Payment (IPP) Report and the Remuneration Report which you can find within ePACT2

View our guide on how to reconcile your invoice (PDF: 686 KB) 

Financial level access is required to complete the invoice reconciliation process.

Information on the individual drugs which have been prescribed can also be accessed via ePACT2.

FAQs for provider organisations

These guidelines are intended to help in answering some common queries received from provider organisations regarding the provider invoices.

How do I register for access to ePACT2?

Guidance relating to the registration process for ePACT2 is available via the ePACT2 webpage.

What time period will the invoice cover?

Invoices are issued monthly and cover reimbursement costs (Provider practice prescribing and resources centrally retained) for the month specified on the invoice and the Remuneration costs (dispensing fees and patient charges) for the previous month as these charges are made in arrears. Therefore April’s remuneration costs will appear on May’s invoice and May remuneration costs on June’s invoice and so on.

How are dispensing fees calculated?

The remuneration cost covers fees paid to the contractor for the services provided in dispensing the prescription.  These fees are then charged back to the prescriber organisation either directly for item level fees or shared using a specified sharing method for fees which cannot be directly linked to a prescriber or organisation. The sharing methods used for each element in the Remuneration Report are specified in the Remuneration Report glossary.

Remuneration cost are labelled as dispensing fees on the provider invoice.

What is included in reimbursement cost?

Reimbursement covers the cost of the drugs dispensed on the prescription form. The price reimbursed is based on the following calculation and will be shown in lines 1-4 of the Itemised Prescription Payment Report (IPP) for identified prescribing.

  • Net Ingredient Cost (Drug Tariff Part II, clause 8) of the drug
  • Less the National Average Discount Percentage (NADP)
  • Plus Payment for Consumables (previously known container allowance Drug Tariff Part IV)
  • Plus Out of Pocket Expenses (Drug Tariff Part II, Clause 12)
  • Plus Payment for Containers (Drug Tariff Part IV)

More detailed information about which drugs have been prescribed and a breakdown of the costs, with the exception of payment for consumables, is available in ePACT.

Provider organisations will also receive a percentage share of reimbursement costs which cannot be directly attributed back to a prescriber or organisation.  These cost fall under the category ‘Elements for which resources have been retained centrally’ on the IPP Report and include the following costs: VAT, nationally unidentified prescribing, broken bulk, schedule adjustments, unidentified hospitals, net of cross boundary costs, and out of pocket expenses and payment for containers for national unidentified prescribers.  Elements for which resources have been retained centrally are included in line 7 of the IPP report and are shared on cost across all CCG and provider organisations. Please note no breakdown of this section is available.

Further information on how the IPP report is broken down

Guidance for reconciling invoices prior to April 2015

The following guides should be used to reconcile invoices received prior to April 2015.  Please note prior to April 2015 separate invoices were issued for Hospital Units and Provider Organisations.  The guidance below will assist in reconciling both Hospital Trust and Provider Organisation invoices.  

If your Hospital Trust also have provider cost centres registered under it two invoices will be received, the guidance will allow you to reconcile the total of both invoices combined.

How to reconcile your invoice  - Prior to April 2015 (Word: 980 KB)