Equality and Diversity


The NHSBSA aims to be a leading organisation for the promotion of Equality, Diversity and Human Rights. We believe that any modern organisation should reflect the diverse communities within the general population, and tackle all forms of discrimination. We strive to remove inequality and ensure there are no barriers for customers accessing any of our services. We are committed to taking equality and human rights into account in everything we do whether that’s providing services, employing people, developing policies, communicating, consulting or involving people in our work.

We aim to implement this by:-
• becoming a leading organisation for the promotion of Equality and Diversity, for challenging discrimination, and for promoting equalities in employment and the services we provide;
• creating an organisation which recognises the contribution of all staff, and which is supportive, fair and free from discrimination; and
• ensuring that the NHSBSA is regarded as a model employer.

The following principles underpin our work:-
• Support and respect for everyone’s Human Rights as a fundamental basis for our work;
• Identifying and removing barriers from accessing our services;
• Treating all people as individuals with their own experiences and needs;
• Finding creative, sustainable ways of improving equality and increasing diversity;
• Working with customers, clients and staff towards achieving equality;
• Learning from what we do – both from what we do well and from where we can improve;
• Using everyday language in our work; and 
• Working in partnership to tackle barriers to equality across our organisation.

Please click on the links below for more information on Equality and Diversity in the NHSBSA: 

1: Our Equality Strategy is a four year plan of how we will achieve this, and also includes our Equality Objectives.

2: Our Equality Analysis Information is contained within the Equality Strategy but can also be accessed as a seperate document.

3: Our Equality Strategy Annual Report Year 3 summarises the significant progress that the NHSBSA has made in the third year of the Equality Strategy, which covers the period from January – December 2014. Our main achievements over this year are included in Section 2. The latest equality information and updated Action Plan (which contains our equality objectives) are both included in the appendices.

4: Our Equality and Diversity policy is published on our Corporate policies & procedures page.

We welcome feedback on our strategy so if you have any comments or questions about equality and diversity in the NHSBSA, please contact our Equality and Diversity Manager (jane.miller8@nhs.net).