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BAME Colleague Network

Our BAME network is one of our lived experience colleague networks. Its aim is to give a voice to our colleagues who are black, Asian or other minority ethnicities. This is a group that is currently under-represented at senior levels in the NHSBSA.

This network feeds into the wider diversity and inclusion colleague network and links with our other lived experience colleague networks, which are:

  • disability and neurodiversity
  • LGBTQ+
  • women

The purpose of the BAME Colleague Network is to:

  • provide a space for BAME colleagues to come together as a support network for one another
  • be a 'critical friend' of the NHSBSA, to help identify issues and barriers in relation to NHSBSA policies, procedures and practices
  • promote BAME-specific awareness and learning across the NHSBSA
  • be visible role models across the NHSBSA