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Our Board

Members of the NHSBSA Board

Our Board usually meets 8 times each year. 

Silla Maizey, Chair

Silla is an accountant by profession. She joined the NHSBSA from British Airways, where she had worked in a number of different functions over the years including Finance, Procurement, Corporate Responsibility and Customer Services, but most recently as Managing Director of Gatwick.  Alongside her duties at the NHSBSA, she is also a non-executive director of Network Rail, John Menzies plc and Crown Commercial Services.

Silla Maizey

Mark Ellerby, Non Executive Director, Chair of the Remuneration Committee and Senior Independent Director

Mark was formerly Divisional Managing Director of Bupa Care Services, globally responsible for providing residential care home services, retirement villages, assisted living facilities, medical alarm systems and nurse led home healthcare to over 50,000 customers. Before that Mark held a wide range of senior roles within Bupa, both in general management and in finance and strategy, and prior to that worked for ten years at Deloitte in London.

Mark is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales.

Mark Ellerby

Debra Bailey, Non Executive Director

Debra works full-time as a Chief Information Officer and has held a number of executive leadership roles. 
Until February 2018 Debra was at Nationwide Building Society as Chief Information Officer and Director of Operations and Delivery. Debra had responsibility for IT Architecture, Run and Change, Security, Product Operations and Operational Resilience. 
In March 2019 Debra joined O2 (Telefonica UK) as Chief Information Officer.
Debra has worked in a variety of sectors including retail, public and telecommunications. However, the majority of Debra’s career has been in financial services where she held senior roles at Barclays and Woolwich plc.

Debra Bailey

Karen Seth, Non Executive Director

Karen currently works full-time at Co-Op Funeralcare as HR Director. Before joining the Co-op, Karen worked at Sainsbury where she held a number of senior leadership roles within HR across both generalist and specialist disciplines.
Karen is a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

Karen Seth

Kathryn Gillatt, Non Executive Board Member

Kathryn is a graduate of Nottingham University and is a Chartered Accountant by profession. Her career includes Finance and Corporate Services Director and Non-Executive Director roles across the public and private sectors.

She brings broad experience of running demand-led services through periods of financial growth and challenge, all areas of corporate services, governance, risk and assurance.

Sectors include frontline NHS and children’s services, customer facing Department for Transport services, community pharmacy services and the leisure industry, chemical manufacturing, and audit and tax.

Alongside her NHSBSA role, Kathryn is also an Associate Non-Executive Director at University Hospitals Leicester NHS Trust.

Image of Kathryn Gillatt

Mel Tomlin, Non Executive Director

Mel joins NHSBSA from Royal Mail Group, where she was Chief of Staff and a member of the Group Executive Board. Mel has spent much of her career in the logistics sector, holding a number of senior executive roles with group-wide responsibility for Strategy, HR Centres of Excellence and Customer Experience.

In addition to her work with NHSBSA, Mel is a trustee of a charity and undertakes Board advisory assignments and mergers and acquisition activities in Europe and North America.

Mel holds an MBA, with professional qualifications in accountancy, HR and marketing.

Mel Tomlin photo

Michael Brodie, Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer Michael Brodie joined the NHSBSA in September 2019. In his previous role, Michael held the role of Finance and Commercial Director at Public Health England before taking over as CEO when Alistair McDonald retired from the role in the summer of 2019. 


Michael has extensive experience at Board level and across the public service and held the role of Finance Director at the NHSBSA before taking up his post at Public Health England in April 2013.

Michael Brodie

Allison Newell, Executive Director of Strategy, Business Development and Growth

Allison is the Executive Director of Strategy, Performance, Business Development and Growth and an Executive Board member. Allison is a key member of the Leadership Team with collective Executive accountability for delivery of the NHSBSA Strategy. Allison is responsible for directing and developing the strategy, business development and growth of the NHSBSA and is ultimately accountable for leading the business development and growth agenda, developing relationships with Partner Organisations to create new business opportunities and increased value to the wider health system. Allison is also the NHSBSA Caldicott Guardian - the senior person responsible for protecting the confidentiality of people's health and care information and making sure it is used properly and is a member of the National Caldicott Guardian Council.

Allison has worked at Board and Director level in UK and international public and private sectors of health and social care, including payer, provider and indemnity organisations as well as in financial services. She has a wealth of experience in strategic planning, development, establishing joint ventures and launching new products and services in the UK and globally. Her experience also includes leading on the design and implementation of a new health and social care insurance system for an international government.

Allison has an MBA, Advanced Diploma in Managed Care, and is a Registered General Nurse (RGN).

Allison Newell

Andy McKinlay, Executive Director of Finance and Commercial Services

Andy leads the NHSBSA's financial, corporate and property services and is responsible for the organisation's financial strategy. He joined the NHSBSA from the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) and has been involved in the NHSBSA’s finances from the Department’s point of view over recent years. He has a wealth of experience in the workings of government, public sector finance and commercial services and has been involved in Pharmacy, the NHS Electronic Staff Record and sat on the Board of DHSC companies.

Andy McKinlay

Mark Dibble, Executive Director of Corporate Services and Corporate Secretary

Mark was appointed to the Board in September 2017 having joined the NHSBSA as Corporate Secretary, a role which he retains.  Within his role, Mark supports the Board and his Executive colleagues and is responsible for key areas such as governance, risk, HR, organisation development, communications, information security, and health and safety.

Mark has over 20 years’ experience across health in both the private and public sector, working in NHS provider and commissioner organisations.

Mark Dibble

Supporting the Board

The Board is supported by David Jukes, the NHSBSA's Head of Governance.



About the NHSBSA Board

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