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Policies and procedures

You can find all of the NHSBSA’s policies and procedures here.

Acceptable use policy (PDF: 181KB)

An introduction to data protection, FOI and information security for employees (PDF: 195KB)

Business continuity management policy (PDF: 203KB)

Business continuity management strategy (PDF: 62.9KB)

Caldicott policy (PDF: 223KB)

CCTV code of practice (PDF: 405KB)

Confidentiality audit procedure (PDF: 202KB)

Classification scheme and records retention schedule scope notes (PDF: 563KB)

Data classification matrix (Excel: 55KB)

Data handling and storage policy (PDF: 233KB)

Data protection policy (PDF: 223KB)

Data protection - subject access request procedure (PDF: 286KB)

Data protection - subject access request application form (PDF: 270KB)

End user computing policy (PDF: 121KB)

Equality and diversity policy (PDF: 197.59KB)

Freedom of information policy (PDF: 199KB)

Freedom of information request procedure (PDF: 149KB)

Information governance policy (PDF: 315KB)

Information governance strategy (PDF: 122KB)

Information Governance Steering Group terms of reference (PDF: 50.7KB)

Information security policy (PDF: 225KB)

Information security incident handling procedure (PDF: 177KB)

Information security incident reporting procedure (PDF: 221KB)

Mobile computing policy (PDF: 256KB)

New tender documents

Pseudonymisation and anonymisation of data policy (PDF: 144KB)

Records management audit framework (PDF: 374KB)

Records management BCS and scope notes (PDF: 563KB)

Records management business classification scheme (BCS) (PDF: 327KB)

Records management business rules (PDF: 300KB)

Records management guidance (full) (PDF: 681KB)

Records management guidance (summary) (PDF: 207KB)

Records management policy (PDF: 194KB)

Records management retention schedule (Excel: 244KB)

Records management strategy (PDF: 161KB)

Registration authority and smartcard management procedure (PDF: 332KB)

Safe haven policy (PDF: 122KB)

Whistleblowing policy (PDF: 400KB)