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Governance framework

We use a corporate governance framework to link its governance arrangements. It’s reviewed as required by our Board at least once each year. 

Department of Health and Social Care

Our statutory instruments

SI 2005 No. 2414 (PDF: 24KB)SI 2006 No.632 (PDF: 51KB)SI 2005 No. 2415 (PDF: 98KB)SI 2006 No.633 (PDF: 49KB)SI 2013 No.469 Primary Dental Services (PDF: 96KB)SI 2015 No.124 The Social Security Regulations (PDF: 147KB)SI 2015 No. 570 Charges for Drugs and Appliances Regulations (PDF: 486KB)SI 2015 No. 1776 Travel Expenses and Remission of Charges Regulations (PDF: 289KB)SI 2018 No. 888 The Official Statistics Order 2018 (PDF: 35KB)

Read SI 2019 No. 1293 The Healthcare (European Economic Area and Switzerland Arrangements) (EU Exit) Regulations 2019 on the website.

Our directions

NHSBSA Drug Tariff Directions
NHSBSA Directions 2016 (PDF: 319KB)NHSBSA Pharmaceutical Services 2013 (PDF: 54KB)NHSBSA Advanced and Enhanced Directions 2013 (PDF:440KB)NHSBSA Hosting and Shared Services 2013 (PDF: 25KB)NHSBSA Injury Benefit Scheme 2015 (PDF: 99KB)NHSBSA Payments and Charges 2015 (PDF: 293KB)NHSBSA Infected Blood Payments Scheme 2017 (PDF: 35KB)Directions to NHS Trusts and Special Health Authorities in respect of Counter Fraud 2017 (PDF: 330KB)NHSBSA Welsh Directions (PDF: 58KB)NHSBSA Welsh Directions TRS (PDF: 215 KB)NHSBSA NHS Jobs Directions 2018 (PDF: 91KB)NHSBSA NHS Jobs Wales Directions 2018 (PDF: 164KB) NHSBSA Electronic Staff Records (ESR) Directions 2018 (PDF: 128KB)Electronic Staff Record Section 83 Agreement 2014 (PDF: 635KB)Former British Child Migrants Payment Scheme Instruction (PDF: 13KB)NHS Bursary, NHS Learning Support Fund and Social Work Bursary Schemes Directions 2020 ( PDF: 118KB)Coronavirus Life Assurance Scheme Directions 2020 (Word: 65KB)Coronavirus Life Assurance Scheme Directions 2020 Wales (PDF: 129KB)Immigration Health Surcharge Reimbursement Scheme Directions 2020  (PDF: 41KB)NHSBSA Student Services and Miscellaneous Amendments Cross-Border Healthcare (EU Exit) Directions 2020 (Word: 31KB)NHSBSA Vaccine Damage Payments Scheme Directions 2021 (PDF: 140KB)Immigration Health Surcharge Reimbursement Scheme Amendment Directions 2021 (PDF: 111KB)NHSBSA Healthy Start Directions 2021 (Word: 59KB)Healthy Start Scheme Agency Agreement with the Department of Health in Northern Ireland 2021 (PDF: 114KB)Dental Patient Surveys Directions 2021 (PDF: 81KB)Immigration Health Surcharge Reimbursement Scheme (Amendment) Directions 2022 (PDF: 70KB)National Database Directions 2022 (Word: 43KB)Nursery Milk Scheme Directions 2022 (PDF: 128KB)Nursery Milk Scheme (Wales) Directions 2022 (Word: 70KB)Nursery Milk Scheme (Wales) (Amendment) Directions 2022 (Word: 80KB)Infected Blood Interim Compensation Payments 2022 (PDF: 335KB)Covid Pass Directions 2023 (PDF: 565KB)Adult Social Care Provider Information (Enforcement) Directions 2023 (Word: 61KB)Public-Private Partnership Directions 2023(PDF: 117KB)Nursery Milk Scheme (Wales) (Amendment) Directions 2023 (PDF: 70KB)Training Funds Reimbursement Scheme Directions 2023 (Word: 85KB)Baby Loss Certificate Instruction 2024 (PDF : 24KB)

Income Generation Directions 2005 (PDF: 121KB)

Code of Conduct for Board Members of Public Bodies (PDF: 437KB)

Read the framework agreement with Department of Health and Social Care on the Gov.UK website.

Our organisation

 A. Board Terms of Reference and Matters Reserved to the Board (Word: 97KB)B. Remuneration and Nominations Committee Terms of Reference (Word: 102KB)C . Audit and Risk Management Committee Terms of Reference  (Word: 255 KB)D. Standing Financial Instructions (Word: 266 KB)E. Scheme of Delegation (Word: 139 KB)