Electronic Drug Tariff User Guide

The electronic Drug Tariff is an application that uses a frameset view utilising a frameset file that divides the browser window into three main areas:

  • A navigation frame on the left displays the Contents, Index, and Search tabs.
  • A toolbar frame across the top displays a set of buttons users can click to move around in the electronic Drug Tariff system.
  • A topic frame on the right displays the actual Drug Tariff.

If you are using a mobile device the navigation frame will be replaced by a button above the topic frame.

The Contents tab displays the Drug Tariff table of contents in the form of an expandable/collapsible tree view. Closed book icons represent Contents entries that have subentries. Click a closed book to open it and see its contents. When you expand a book, the closed book icon is replaced by an open book icon. You can click the book again to close it. The page icons represent individual Drug Tariff topics.

The Index tab displays the entries from the Drug Tariff index. You can click on the index letter and scroll to find the index entry you want. Double-click an index entry to display the corresponding Drug Tariff topic.

Using the Search tab, you can search the full text of electronic Drug Tariff system. You type the word or phrase to search for, and then press Enter or click Go. The Search tab displays a list of all the topics in the Drug Tariff system that contain the word or phrase you entered. If you search for multiple words, the search finds Help topics that contain all the words you entered. The topics found by search are ranked in order of relevance. The higher the ranking, the more likely the topic includes the word or phrase you searched for.