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Back copies of the Drug Tariff

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Electronic Drug Tariff September 2021 Drug Tariff September 2021 (PDF: 6MB)
Electronic Drug Tariff August 2021 Drug Tariff August 2021 (PDF: 6MB)
Electronic Drug Tariff July 2021 Drug Tariff July 2021 (PDF:5.3MB)
Electronic Drug Tariff June 2021 Drug Tariff June 2021 (PDF:5.3MB)
Electronic Drug Tariff May 2021 Drug Tariff May 2021 (PDF:5.3MB)
Electronic Drug Tariff April 2021 Drug Tariff April 2021 (PDF:5.3MB)
Electronic Drug Tariff March 2021 Drug Tariff March 2021 (PDF: 4.9MB)
Electronic Drug Tariff February 2021 Drug Tariff February 2021 (PDF: 4.7MB)
Electronic Drug Tariff January 2021 Drug Tariff January 2021 (PDF: 4.6MB)
Electronic Drug Tariff December 2020 Drug Tariff December 2020 (PDF: 5.2MB)
Electronic Drug Tariff November 2020 Drug Tariff November 2020 (PDF: 4.5MB)
Electronic Drug Tariff October 2020 Drug Tariff October 2020 (PDF: 5MB)
Electronic Drug Tariff September 2020 Drug Tariff September 2020 (PDF: 5MB)
Electronic Drug Tariff August 2020 Drug Tariff August 2020 (PDF: 5MB)
Electronic Drug Tariff July 2020  Drug Tariff July 2020 (PDF: 4.9MB)
Electronic Drug Tariff June 2020 Drug Tariff June 2020 (PDF: 4.3MB)
Electronic Drug Tariff May 2020 Drug Tariff May 2020 (PDF: 5.1MB)
Electronic Drug Tariff April 2020 Drug Tariff April 2020 (PDF: 4.9MB)
Electronic Drug Tariff March 2020 Drug Tariff March 2020 (PDF: 4.9MB)
Electronic Drug Tariff February 2020 Drug Tariff February 2020 (PDF: 4.9MB)
Electronic Drug Tariff January 2020 Drug Tariff January 2020 (PDF: 4.3MB)
Electronic Drug Tariff December 2019 Drug Tariff December 2019 (PDF: 4.5MB)
Electronic Drug Tariff November 2019 Drug Tariff November 2019 (PDF:4.8MB)
Electronic Drug Tariff October 2019 Drug Tariff October 2019 (PDF: 4.8MB)
Electronic Drug Tariff September 2019 Drug Tariff September 2019 (PDF: 4.7MB)
Electronic Drug Tariff August 2019 Drug Tariff August 2019 (PDF: 4.7MB)
Electronic Drug Tariff July 2019 Drug Tariff July 2019 (PDF: 4.7MB)
Electronic Drug Tariff June 2019 Drug Tariff June 2019 (PDF: 4.7MB)
Electronic Drug Tariff May 2019 Drug Tariff May 2019 (PDF: 4.7MB)
Electronic Drug Tariff April 2019 Drug Tariff April 2019 (PDF: 4.6MB) 
Electronic Drug Tariff March 2019 Drug Tariff March 2019 (PDF: 4.6MB)
Electronic Drug Tariff February 2019 Drug Tariff February 2019 (PDF: 4.6MB)
Electronic Drug Tariff January 2019 Drug Tariff January 2019 (PDF: 3.9MB)
Electronic Drug Tariff December 2018 Drug Tariff December 2018 (PDF: 4.6MB)
Electronic Drug Tariff November 2018 Drug Tariff November 2018 (PDF: 3.9MB)
Electronic Drug Tariff October 2018 Drug Tariff October 2018 (PDF: 4.5MB)
Electronic Drug Tariff September 2018 Drug Tariff September 2018 (PDF: 4.5MB)
Electronic Drug Tariff August 2018 Drug Tariff August 2018 (PDF: 4MB)
Electronic Drug Tariff July 2018 Drug Tariff July 2018 (PDF: 3.9MB)
Electronic Drug Tariff June 2018 Drug Tariff June 2018 (PDF: 4.5MB)
Electronic Drug Tariff May 2018 Drug Tariff May 2018 (PDF: 4.4MB)
Electronic Drug Tariff April 2018 Drug Tariff April 2018 (PDF: 4.5MB)
Electronic Drug Tariff March 2018 Drug Tariff March 2018 (PDF: 4.5MB)
Electronic Drug Tariff February 2018 Drug Tariff February 2018 (PDF: 4.3MB)
Electronic Drug Tariff January 2018 Drug Tariff January 2018 (PDF: 4.3MB)
Electronic Drug Tariff December 2017 Drug Tariff December 2017 (PDF: 4.3MB)
Electronic Drug Tariff November 2017 Drug Tariff November 2017 (PDF: 4.3MB)
Electronic Drug Tariff October 2017 Drug Tariff October 2017 (PDF: 4.3MB)
Electronic Drug Tariff September 2017 Drug Tariff September 2017 (PDF: 3.6MB)
Electronic Drug Tariff August 2017 Drug Tariff August 2017 (PDF: 4.2MB)
Electronic Drug Tariff July 2017 Drug Tariff July 2017 (PDF: 4.1MB)
Electronic Drug Tariff June 2017 Drug Tariff June 2017 (PDF: 3.3MB)
Electronic Drug Tariff May 2017 Drug Tariff May 2017 (PDF: 4.1MB)
Electronic Drug Tariff April 2017 Drug Tariff April 2017 (PDF: 4.1MB)
Electronic Drug Tariff March 2017 Drug Tariff March 2017 (PDF: 3.6MB)
Electronic Drug Tariff February 2017 Drug Tariff February 2017 (PDF: 4.1MB)
Electronic Drug Tariff January 2017 Drug Tariff January 2017 (PDF: 3.6MB)
Electronic Drug Tariff December 2016  Drug Tariff December 2016 (PDF: 4.1MB)
Electronic Drug Tariff November 2016 Drug Tariff November 2016 (PDF: 4MB)
Electronic Drug Tariff October 2016 Drug Tariff October 2016 (PDF: 4MB)
Electronic Drug Tariff September 2016 Drug Tariff September 2016 (PDF: 4MB)