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Prescription forms

FP10 prescriptions are purchased by NHS organisations including Hospital Trusts, and are distributed free of charge to medical and non medical prescribers, NHS dentists and other organisations as required.

Xerox (UK) Ltd supply our national stationery in England and Wales.

Ordering personalised prescription pads

Xerox (UK) Ltd print personalised prescription pads up to 42 days before the prescriber joins their parent organisation.

The process of placing an order to receiving delivery normally takes 6 working days, provided that the prescriber details are held on our databases and Xerox (UK) Ltd databases.

Contact Xerox (UK) Ltd

To register with Xerox or change your registration details, you can:

If you have any queries, you can:

  • email us: for anything relating to orders placed or deliveries
  • email us: for anything relating to invoices
  • telephone us on 0300 123 0849 for system access problems