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High volume vaccine forms (FP34D/PD Appendix forms)

GPs who want to make a claim for certain high-volume personally administered vaccines, must make them on an FP34 appendix form, (according to paragraph 16.16 of the Statement of Financial Entitlements).

The high-volume personally administered vaccines that this applies to are one of the following (or a combination of these):

  • influenza
  • typhoid
  • hepatitis A
  • hepatitis B
  • Meningococcal

Combination vaccines that include anything that is not one of these five must not be claimed through the FP34 high volume vaccine form.

GPs or practices should send this to NHS Prescription Services by no later than the fifth day of the month, together with the correct FP34 submission document, (FP34D Submission Document for dispensing doctors, FP34PD Submission Document for all other GPs).

Using the correct form

  • dispensing doctors and their practices should use the FP34D appendix form
  • all other GPs and their practices should use the FP34PD appendix form

We send out a new form to you every month.  If you need another copy please phone our helpdesk on 0300 330 1349.  Always use the new monthly form we've sent you as this will have the most up to date information rather than using a copy of a previous month's form.

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How to fill in your FP34D or PD Appendix form

Please use the guidance and examples below to help you fill in your form.  Please note that the names of the doctors listed in the example are example names only and any resemblance to any doctor living or dead is coincidental.Guidance on filling in your FP34D or FP34PD appendix form (PDF: 128KB)FP34D example appendix form (PDF: 151KB)FP34PD example appendix form (PDF:151KB)

Other vaccines

All other vaccines must be prescribed on FP10 forms.