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NHS Prescription Services

NHS Prescription Services calculates the remuneration and reimbursement due to dispensing contractors across England.

Visit our NHS prescription charges section for information on prescription prepayment certificates, who gets free prescriptions and penalty charges.

Pharmacies, GP practices and appliance contractors

Prescribing, dispensing and payment information for dispensing contractors

CCGs, Area Teams and other providers

Guidance and information for Local Authorities and Providers

Manufacturers and suppliers

Guidance for manufacturers and suppliers of medicines, oxygen and appliances

Contact NHS Prescription Services

You can contact us online, or by phone or post.

NHS Prescription Services news

COVID-19 pharmacy contractors’ home delivery service payment schedule

2nd June 2020

The first payment to pharmacy contractors for the COVID-19 home delivery service is due on Wednesday 1 July.

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COVID-19 home delivery service for dispensing doctors claim form

2nd June 2020

The form that dispensing doctors must use to claim payment for the COVID-19 home delivery service is now av

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COVID-19 - Uplift to pharmacy contractors’ payment on 1 June

28th May 2020

A total uplift of £50 million across all contractors will be made to contractors’ ‘advance payments’ on 1 June

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