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Sorting your FP10s

You should sort your FP10 prescriptions in accordance with the guidance shown on the FP34 submission document.

Items to be included in red separators (pharmacy contractors)

For pharmacy contractors, using the red separator when submitting your prescription forms for payment ensures that forms including certain items will be subject to an additional check before final payment is confirmed.

Only prescription items meeting these criteria should be included in the red separator:

  • items with broken bulk claims
  • items with a net ingredient cost of £100 or more
  • items where prescribers have included supplementary product information
  • specials (unlicensed medicines manufactured in response to a prescription for an individual patient where a licensed product is not  available)
  • items where prescribers have made a handwritten amendment
  • prescription forms where the prescriber's signature encroaches on the last item on the prescription form
  • items where out of pocket expenses have been claimed.

Forms with these items on them should be wrapped in the red separators enclosed with your FP34C submission form for despatch to NHS Prescription Services.

Only these items should be included in the red separator. Including any other items in the red separator may lead to a delay in payment.