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Safer management of controlled drugs (CD)

Background for the Safer Management of Controlled Drugs (PDF: 69KB)Controlled drug prescribing (PDF: 200KB)

Requisitions for Schedule 1, 2 and 3 controlled drugs

Further information relating to private CD requisitions can be found on the Home Office website.

Download the FP34PCD submission document for use by English pharmacies (PDF: 168KB)Download the mandatory FP10CDF CD Requisition Form for the requisitioning of all Schedule 2 and 3 drugs (PDF: 397KB)The FP10CDF CD form can be downloaded, completed and printed or downloaded and saved locally.

Requisitions not received on this mandatory form after 30 November 2015 cannot be accepted.

Additional guidance

Guidance has been issued by the Home Office to further explain how the provisions made in November 2015 governing the use of the new mandatory form may be interpreted.View the additional guidance on governing the use of the new mandatory form (PDF: 78KB)