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Endorsement guidance

Your endorsement of NHS prescriptions plays a vital role in making sure we have the correct information for reimbursement and remuneration.

Electronic Prescription Service Guidance for Endorsement (PDF: 506KB)

NCSO endorsements

No NCSO endorsements have been agreed by the Department of Health and Social Care and the Welsh Government for November 2019 dispensed prescriptions (last updated 4 December 2019).

Sorting, submitting and endorsing prescription forms

The appropriate endorsing of NHS prescriptions by dispensing contractors, where applicable, is essential to make sure that we have the correct information for reimbursement and remuneration.

Many prescription forms are now being endorsed via a printer linked to a computer. 

However, this can cause some problems which may lead to payment delays:

  • endorsements printed in a different order to the prescribed items on the form - our staff then have to link each endorsement with the appropriate item
  • endorsements which do not relate to any prescribed item on the form - endorsements should match items prescribed on the form
  • no gap between consecutive item endorsements - make sure that items are separated, and that it's clear where one endorsement ends and another starts
  • endorsements are not printed in the left hand column, printed upside down, only partially printed, or printed on the back of the form - it helps us if endorsements are checked before being sent to us. Illegibility can result in incorrect reimbursement
  • faint endorsements where the printer ribbon needs to be changed
  • superfluous endorsements - the input required for proper endorsement is minimal - anything more is unnecessary
  • incorrect endorsements may result in a referral of the form back to yourself, delaying your reimbursement

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain publishes guidance which includes:

"Pharmacists are advised to exercise caution in the use of automatic prescription endorsing systems. A pharmacist who submits a claim for prescriptions is responsible for the accuracy of the endorsements."

Information for pharmacy contractors on the sorting, submission, and endorsement of prescription forms (PDF: 311KB)Alphabetical guide to prescription endorsement (Word: 169KB)Dispensing endorsement guide for dispensing contractors (Word: 318KB)Information for contractors on the sorting and submission of private CD forms and requisitions (PDF: 195KB)