Drug Tariff PDF User Guide

The Drug Tariff PDF uses Adobe Acrobat to display the Drug Tariff in a similar format as the hard copy.

  • A navigation frame on the left displays the Contents of the Drug Tariff as bookmarks. This can also be changed to display the pages as thumbnail images.
  • A toolbar across the top displays a set of buttons users can click to move around the Drug Tariff PDF.
  • The main page view displays the actual pages of the Drug Tariff PDF.

The navigation frame can be resized by dragging the vertical line that separates the navigation frame from the main page view. If you reduce the size of the navigation frame so much that it is no longer displayed you can click the bookmark icon and this will open the navigation frame.

The Bookmarks list the Drug Tariff table of contents in the form of an expandable/collapsible tree view. A + sign represents bookmarks that have subentries. Click + to open the bookmark and see its contents. When you expand a bookmark, the + is replaced by a -. You can click - to close the bookmark.  Clicking a bookmark will display the same page in the main page view.

Clicking on the Contents bookmark will display the Contents page of the Drug Tariff PDF.  Then by clicking one of the Parts within the Contents page, this will display the first page of that Part.

The Page Thumbnails provide miniature previews of the document pages within the Drug Tariff PDF.  You can click on any page thumbnail to display the same page in the main page view.

Using ctrl & f, you can search the full text of the Drug Tariff PDF. Type the word or phrase to search for, and then press Enter. The first instance of the word or phrase is highlighted in the main page view.  More instances of the word or phrase can be found by pressing enter again, or by clicking Find Next.  You can also go back to a previous result by clicking Find Previous. Alternatively, you can click on the binocular icon on the left and type the word or phrase you would like to search for, then clicking search. This will return a list of instances where your word or phrase can be found.