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Scanning Services

As one of Europe’s specialist healthcare scanning operations, we have a proven track record of handling, scanning, retrieving and securely destroying documents to create digital records.

We scan a variety of documents. Our past clients include:

  • GP practices
  • NHS Hospital Trusts
  • charitable organisations
  • local authorities
  • other NHS and public sector organisations across the UK

Our Opex scanners handle multiple formats of information, allowing us to efficiently transform your documents so that they can be accessed at the touch of a button.


Our scanning services: 

  • free up valuable space
  • allow quicker and easier retrieval of documents
  • reduce the risk of files being damaged or going missing
  • deliver recurring savings to frontline services
  • cut the cost of offsite storage

Get in touch with our team to discuss your requirements and begin planning your scanning programme today.

Watch our video about how we transform paper documents into digital records.

Case studies

Male NHSBSA employee working on scanner

Trusted to deliver across the NHS and public sector

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Female NHSBSA employee working on scanner

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