2016/17 Annual Contributions Assurance exercise

NHS Pensions Finance

2016/17 Annual Contributions Assurance exercise

Assurance Cover Letter 2016/17 - Main NHS Organisations

Staff Assurance Statement - For completion by Trusts, Foundation Trusts, Clinical Commissioning Groups, Arms Length Bodies and Direction Bodies that have not completed a return in this financial year.

Area Team Statement - For completion by Area Teams and delegated CCGs for GP contributions.

Regional Local Team Statement - NHS England have issued the regional local team statement which includes delegated CCGs to Primary Care Support England (PCSE) for completion and return to NHS Enhland. These will then be collectively sent to NHS Pensions by NHS England central finance.

Welsh organisations who remit both staff and GP contributions to the NHS Pension Scheme should complete two statements, covering staff and GP payments separately


Independent Providers

Independent Providers end of year certificate 2015/16     

New Fair Deal employers

New Fair Deal end of year certificate 2015/16