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Dental Exemption Checking Service

We check that claims for free NHS dental treatment have been made correctly.  Checks are made randomly and retrospectively.

Penalty charge notices

Where we think a claim for free NHS dental treatment has been made incorrectly, we’ll send the patient a letter explaining that:

  • we haven’t been able to confirm their entitlement to free treatment 
  • they need to provide proof they were entitled or they’ll have to pay the original treatment charge, plus an additional penalty charge of up to £100

Pay your penalty charge notice

You will need your reference number. If your reference number begins 'BECS/DR', you will need to make your payment to NHS Dental Services instead.

Contact us if you:

  • think you have received an incorrect penalty charge notice
  • can show that you did not act wrongfully, with any lack of care
  • can show there is an exceptional reason why you should not pay the penalty charge

Contact us

  • Use our online contact form. You will need to select 'Dental Exemption Checking Service' from the drop down list. You can also use this form for general queries.
  • Call us on 0300 330 1293 or if your reference number begins 'BECS/DR', call 0300 330 1368

If you're deaf or hard of hearing and you have a textphone (sometimes called a minicom), you can contact us using the Text Relay Service. Dial 18001 and the relevant number. 

We also offer a telephone translation service.

Resources for dental practices

Although it is the patient’s responsibility to check their entitlement before claiming free treatment, dental practice staff have an important role to play in helping patients understand the eligibility rules and the consequences of making an incorrect claim. These resources can help.

Patient factsheet (133.7KB)Patient factsheet (Welsh) (159.67KB)‘What’s the worst that can happen?’ infographic (638KB)Practice staff guidance (126.4KB)Penalty charge poster (120.86KB)Penalty charge poster (Welsh) (120.99KB)Easy Read free dental treatment factsheet (1.23MB)Easy Read free dental treatment poster (3.17MB)