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About NHS Jobs

NHS Jobs is the official online recruitment service for the NHS in England and Wales. It's the biggest marketplace for health jobs in the UK, with:

  • 350 role types including clinical roles, IT and support, surgeons and directors
  • approximately 35,000 jobs posted each month
  • just over 3 million job applications submitted 

How we built NHS Jobs

NHS Jobs is built by the NHS for the NHS and is free at the point of delivery to those organisations meeting the relevant criteria.

We've worked with employers and stakeholders to develop an end-to-end service that manages the full recruitment process.

We've built and we're iterating NHS Jobs based on user feedback to make sure that we’re delivering a service that’s fit for purpose, future proof and meets your needs.

We carry out user research sessions with both employers and applicants, using a combination of interviews, focus groups, pop-up testing and surveys.

Our service is built with accessibility in mind. It also works on a variety of devices so applicants can see and apply for vacancies however they choose.

NHS Jobs is integrated with the Electronic Staff Record (ESR) and is built with open Application Programming Interfaces (API) so it can work easily with other tools and services. Read more about NHS Jobs integration and benefits.


We’ve developed functionality for applicants, including:

  • search and apply for a job
  • manage an applicant profile
  • manage an application
  • respond to an interview
  • respond to a job offer
  • give pre-employment details
  • respond to a contract

Visit the applicant website


We’ve developed functionality for employers, including:

  • create and publish a job listing
  • approve a job listing
  • manage your organisation's account
  • scoring and shortlisting
  • create and manage interviews
  • create and manage job offers
  • pre-employment checks
  • create and manage contracts
  • end a recruitment
  • run a report

Visit the employer website.