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NHS Jobs integration and benefits

Benefits of using NHS Jobs

  • Vacancies posted on NHS Jobs automatically appear across other large national jobs boards for free. This means greater reach and applicant traffic for free, saving the NHS money (view full list).
  • We integrate fully with Electronic Staff Record (ESR), saving you time and duplication.   
  • Vacancies created in other recruitment systems can be shared on NHS Jobs where applicants can apply directly, saving you time and duplication. 
  • We meet all digital accessibility standards, making it easier for applicants to apply.
  • We continuously improve NHS Jobs based on user research, feedback, and evolving technologies.

Benefits to applicants

  • They can see NHS Jobs vacancies across multiple private jobs boards which integrate with us. 
  • For a fast and simple experience, they do not need to register with NHS Jobs if applying via a third-party system.
  • We meet and will continue to meet all accessibility standards. 
  • They can contact us via phone and email for support. 
  • We’ve built auto notifications throughout the applicant journey to keep them informed about their progress. 

Benefits to employers

  • Vacancies created in other recruitment systems can be sent to NHS Jobs to generate greater reach using our Application Programming Interface (API).
  • Free posting of vacancies on other boards using NHS Jobs integration (view full list).
  • Improved, timesaving ESR functionality reduces manual effort and duplication. 
  • We meet and will continue to meet all accessibility standards.  
  • The system automatically updates the applicant, reducing administration for you. 

Benefits to the wider NHS

  • A central hub to post vacancies allows for NHS-wide monitoring and reporting of vacancies.  
  • Providing a free jobs board for all healthcare-related vacancies. 
  • National reporting of end-to-end processes.  
  • A saving of £2.9 million per year due to integration with ESR.  
  • We support NHS initiatives by working closely with DHSC, NHS England, NHS Digital, NHS Employers and other national organisations. 


We integrate with ESR which removes manual effort and duplication, meaning NHS Jobs and ESR users can benefit by saving time.

You can find more information about ESR integration from the Electronic Staff Record (ESR) integration section of our knowledge base.

The bitesize process flows for ESR integration can be viewed in the Electronic Staff Record (ESR) integration section of the Help and support for employers webpage.

Third-party applicant tracking systems (ATS) and other third-party jobs boards

Employers create listings in their third-party system and transfer them to NHS Jobs via an API. Applicants then directly apply in the third-party system.   

You can find more information about how to create and publish an applicant tracking system (ATS) job listing from the ‘Create and publish a job listing’ section of our knowledge base.

You can watch the ‘How to publish an ATS job listing’ video from our NHS Jobs YouTube channel.

Third parties currently sending listings to NHS Jobs are:

  • Trac
  • Networx
  • Vacancy Poster
  • Recruitive
  • Oleeo
  • Hirelab
  • Jobtrain
  • Kallidus
  • Oracle 
  • Eploy
  • Workday 
  • Broadbean

We share our vacancies with other large jobs boards and encourage them to use our API feeds which are designed to make the listing show correctly in their jobs boards:

  • Indeed
  • Find a job
  • BMJ
  • UCAS
  • Pharmiweb
  • LinkedIn
  • Restless
  • Reed

You can contact the NHS Jobs team if you want to talk to us about integration with your ATS or jobs board.

NHS Jobs Self-Serve API (XML/RSS feeds)

This feed allows you to display your listings on your own websites or intranets.

It can display the same filters as our search service.

This replaces the existing XML and RSS data feed used on the previous NHS Jobs service. 

You may wish to share this information with your IT Technical Support team or anyone who currently manages feeds you use from the NHS Jobs service.

You may also wish to tell those who have previously displayed links to allow your organisation's job listings to be viewed. 

Guidance on how to use the API, including the new specification, can be found at the following link: 

Self-Serve API guidance (Word: 147KB)

It also explains how to set up your own search URL using specific parameters, such as ‘internal only’, or using keywords. 

This guidance, including the specification on the final page of the document, is subject to change. You may find opening the document using Notepad helpful.

Link to display or share your listings

We've created a new link to allow you to display your listings on your own websites or share listings to be viewed by others.

An example link is:

You'll need to replace the example employer code with your own NHS Jobs employer code.

If you require your employer code, you can get this by contacting


External Job Board Vacancy API

This is created for job boards to use. It enables organisations to retrieve and store our job adverts to publish within their websites.

If you're interested in using the API, get in touch with to discuss further.