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Data Science projects

We provide actionable insight through Data Science and Advanced Analytics. We do this using collaboration, innovation and experimentation. 

We work across the NHSBSA, and with external organisations such as NHS England, to provide new insights from data that improve patient and customer outcomes and reduce loss in the system.

Recent projects

Healthcare inequalities: access to NHS prescribing and exemption schemes in England

Working with NHS England, the NHSBSA Data Science team have explored uptake of NHS exemption schemes and prescribing patterns in England in deprived and other under-served communities in the Core20PLUS populations. The team have provided actionable insights with a focus on three clinical areas of prescribing - chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), hypertension, and severe mental illness (SMI).

You can view the healthcare inequalities report online.

Estimated prescribing patterns for care home patients aged 65 and over

The team did experimental linkage work to identify older care home patients aged 65 and over in our NHS Prescriptions data. Insight into care home prescribing has been a key gap in knowledge.

The team have created an open source insight report, detailed methodology and full code. They used Ordnance Survey Address Base as part of the matching process and have also created an R package for others to use when matching addresses.

Take up of the NHS Low Income Scheme in England

Using a combination of analytics, user research and customer survey data, the team explored whether the NHS Low Income Scheme in England reaches its intended audience and meets user needs. You can view a public version of the report.

The team used a cutting edge reporting approach which they describe in a blog, together with code on GitHub. They have also created a template for building NHSBSA branded R Shiny dashboards.