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Consultations and user engagement

This page was last reviewed and updated on 9 September 2021.

User engagement

We're committed to getting the views of users and feedback on all of our statistical products.

Following feedback from previous user engagement sessions, we've decided to change the way that we find out your views. Instead of each publication having its own engagement session, we have now combined all of these into a single bi-annual session where you can come along and give your feedback on any of our statistical releases. This includes feedback about the content, presentation, utility, and format of the statistics.

To make these sessions as accessible as possible, they'll be held on a web based platform that can be accessed by your web browser. The platform we use is Microsoft Teams.

We will not collect or record information from this platform and you can find more information about Microsoft's privacy policy on the Microsoft website.

Future sessions

We will announce the date and time of future engagement sessions here. There are no engagement sessions currently scheduled.

User feedback

We gather feedback from the attendees of our user engagement sessions to make sure they are helpful for our users and meet their needs. We have produced a report of this feedback and the actions to be taken from it.

PCA User Engagement Sessions June 2020 - Feedback (PDF: 133KB)

Contact us

If you would like further information about these sessions, or have any questions or comments, contact us at

Public consultations

The consultation for our Prescription Cost Analysis (PCA) - England publication has now concluded. You can see the results of the consultation and our response, including the actions we have taken, on our PCA consultation page.