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Consultations and user engagement

This page was last reviewed and updated on 3 August 2020.

User engagement

As per our user engagement strategy for the Prescription Cost Analysis – England (PCA) National Statistics publication, we are committed to seeking user’s views and obtaining feedback on this release. This includes holding bi-annual user engagement sessions. 

Each session is chaired by an NHSBSA statistician and is an opportunity to provide feedback on the PCA publication. This includes feedback about content, presentation, utility, and format. The first of these sessions was held in June 2020.

Meeting user needs is the first principle of the Code of Practice for Statistics, as such all user engagement sessions are held on a web based platform accessible via web browser or that can be dialed into via telephone. The platform we use is Amazon Chime, the NHSBSA will not collect or record information from this platform. You can find more information about Amazon Chime’s privacy policy on the Amazon Web Services website.

Future sessions

We're currently reviewing the format of these sessions following feedback from previous attendees. We'll be announcing the dates and format of the next user engagement sessions for the PCA National Statistics release in the near future.

User feedback

We gather feedback from the attendees of our user engagement sessions to make sure they are helpful for our users and meet their needs. We have produced a report of this feedback and the actions to be taken from it.

PCA User Engagement Sessions June 2020 - Feedback (PDF: 133KB)

Contact us

If you would like further information about these sessions, or have any questions or comments, you can contact us at

Public consultations

As announced in the release of our Prescription Cost Analysis – England 2019 publication, we'll be launching a public consultation on the methodology used, and content of these statistics in the future. Unfortunately, due to the current climate we do not have a date for the launching this consultation as of yet.