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Prescription Cost Analysis - England 2019

This page was reviewed and updated 12 March 2020.

This is an upcoming publication. You can view our statistical publication calendar for the release date of this and other publications.

The release of this publication will be the first in a series by us following a public consultation by NHS Digital.

You can view previous Prescription Cost Analysis publications produced by NHS Digital.

The Prescription Cost Analysis publication is a National Statistic release. This means it's been assessed by the Office for Statistics Regulation (OSR) as fully compliant with the Code of Practice for Statistics.

This release will be subject to a further assessment by the Office of Statistical Regulation over the next few months.

In line with principle Q2.5: Sound methods, within the Code of Practice for Statistics, we want to be transparent.

We’re moving to a single database as the source of all drug data we report on. This will align our data with the NHS Dictionary of Medicines of Devices (dm+d). It’ll also make our data products easier to use.

This will make our drug information more accurate. It’ll also allow for better direct comparisons and linking with other sources of drug data.

This might result in some changes to the 2019 PCA publication, when compared to previous releases by NHS Digital. The total items and cost for England will remain consistent. However, the distribution of items and cost, along with the way drugs and appliances are shown, will change when compared to previous releases.

We’ll provide more information on the impact of these changes to this publication in the data quality statement that’ll be produced alongside the release.

To help with this transition, and allow you to view a consistent trend over time as far back as we can, we’ll reproduce and release the data in this publication from 2014 to 2018 in the new format alongside the 2019 publication.

Read more about the changes being made, and their impact on other data that we release not as Official Statistics.