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Prescribing Costs in Hospitals and the Community – England 2020/21

This is an upcoming publication. View our statistical publication calendar for the release date of this and our other publications.

This publication is an experimental Official Statistic release. It will be produced in line with the standards set out in the Code of Practice for Statistics. Later consideration of this release for National Statistic designation by the Office of Statistical Regulation (OSR) is planned.

We want to create trust in what we release through a commitment to transparency. What we produce will be truthful, impartial and independent. It will meet consistent standards of behaviour that reflect the wider public good.

We will pre-announce any methodological changes that we make to our products. This is in line with our Revisions and Corrections Policy (PDF: 267KB). A change in methodology is where we find a different technique or process that we can use to produce more accurate, complete, consistent, or higher quality data.

We plan to consult with users to include the option of retaining this publication as a separate release but using a new data source in the future, or merging this release with other prescribing and dispensing official statistics we've produced. For example, the annual Prescription Costs Analysis National Statistic release.