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Prescribing for Diabetes - England 2015/16 to 2019/20

This page was last reviewed and updated 30 September 2020.

This is an upcoming publication. View our statistical publication calendar to find out the release date of this and our other publications.

The next release of this publication will be the first in series by us following a public consultation by NHS Digital.

You can view previous versions of Prescribing for Diabetes on the NHS Digital website.

The time period that this release will cover has been adjusted from the previously stated time period of 2009/10 to 2019/20 to the new time period of 2015/16 to 2019/20. In transitioning this release to NHSBSA we will be producing this release from our data warehouse which contains patient level data from April 2015 onward only. In order to provide consistency in this publication, data prior to this will not be included in the latest release, but will continue to be available in previous versions produced by NHS Digital.

As data is provided from a different source to previous publications, this may mean there are some discrepancies between figures provided for April 2015 onward in previous publications when compared to this publication. We'll provide more information in the accompanying background information and methodology note. Users should always use data from the latest publication where available. 

This publication is an experimental official statistic release. It’ll be produced to the standards set out in the Code of Practice for Statistics.

We plan to have this release considered for National Statistic designation by the Office of Statistical Regulation (OSR).