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3. Our teams are diverse and inclusive

A group of staff from the digital team socialising and eating

In order to deliver our digital ambitions, we need diverse teams who can bring their whole selves to the workplace and who are comfortable to be bold, inquisitive, challenging and empowered to make decisions.

With teams who offer a diversity of ‘lived’ experiences, we’ll be better placed to deliver services which meet the needs of our diverse users.

We encourage our teams to experiment and try things out. Teams that have the freedom to make decisions and are trusted to make the right one because they understand what we’re aiming for.

We run ‘town halls’, ‘digital downloads’ and ‘digital showcase’ sessions across the directorate and the wider organisation.

This will help to make sure:

  • our product and service visions are transparent and understood
  • fast and free-flowing information between teams to enable aligned decision making with the strategy and goals

We operate an extended team approach with business partners from Human Resources, Communications, Organisation Design, Commercial, Finance and Technology all bringing a diversity of approach, perspective and a professional lens to the team.

We also want our teams to know when to stop. Too often teams can become heavily invested in making something work because stopping will be perceived as failure. It’s ok to try and fail but it is also important to learn from our mistakes.

To achieve this: 

1. Increase the diversity of ‘lived’ experiences across our teams

We’ll actively seek input from our organisation’s diversity and inclusion groups to enable open dialogue with colleagues.
This will help us consider the full equality, diversity and inclusion agenda, including assistance with identifying and understanding the barriers experienced by staff around fairness, respect and inclusion.

2. Improve our recruitment process

We’ll iterate our job descriptions and adverts to attract a more diverse range of applicants and make sure that our recruitment approaches and processes are not restrictive.

3. Recognise failure as a positive

We’ll embrace experimentation and learning. Where a team wants to experiment and are clear how this will achieve the goals or the vision, then they will be encouraged to do so. We’ll celebrate these learnings and share them openly and honestly, without fear of recompense when decisions are made in line with vision and strategy.

4. Allow our teams to problem solve together as a team

This will improve how we work with other colleagues, sharing knowledge and expertise.

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