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Authorised signatures

Authorised signatories are personnel working at or on behalf of commissioner and/or provider organisations with responsibility for notifying NHS Prescription Services of additions/deletions or changes to organisational and prescriber data.

NHS Prescription Services will hold details of a senior authorised signatory at each organisation who has responsibility for maintaining the list of additional signatories working on behalf of their organisation.

The senior authorised signatory will be the Head of Medicines management/Chief Pharmacist/Director or equivalent within each organisation.

Additions, deletions and changes to the list of authorised signatories will be notified to NHS Prescription Services by the senior authorised signatory using the authorised signatory form.

Download and complete the authorised signatory form (Word: 323KB)

NHS Prescription Services will only accept notification proformas for additions/deletions or changes to organisational or prescriber details from authorised signatories.

Proformas which are received from unauthorised personnel will not be processed and could result in the delay of receipt of personalised prescriptions or inaccuracies with prescribing data.