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Prescribing budgets

CCGs are responsible for setting a prescribing budget against each GP practice within their organisation.

Annual prescribing budgets

Following the completion of March’s prescribing data, NHS Prescription Services will send an annual prescribing budget request to the senior authorised signatory at the CCG, or a delegated person on their behalf.

The request of information will be sent in the form of a spreadsheet with the following information:

  • GP practice code
  • GP practice name
  • first 2 lines of GP practice address
  • previous year’s prescribing budget total (in pounds)

The CCG will be required to complete and return this spreadsheet with the following information:

  • current year’s prescribing budget total (in pounds)
  • any relevant changes to practice name / address

If any practices included in the spreadsheet are not the responsibility of your CCG then highlight this on the spreadsheet - advising the responsible CCG / organisation, if known. 

If any GP practices have been omitted, add the details to the bottom of the spreadsheet. Prescribing budgets are not required for Out of Hours Services (OOH) and are also non mandatory for walk in centres (WIC) but can be included, if required.

Mid-year amendments

Prescribing budgets can be amended during the processing of the financial year’s prescriptions. In order to amend the prescribing budget the following information must be supplied by the CCG senior authorised signatory (or a delegated person on their behalf):

  • GP practice code
  • original budget amount (in pounds)
  • amended budget amount (in pounds)
  • date of change

This information can be sent by email to

When changing prescribing budgets mid-year due to changes in partnerships, such as a GP practice merge, other factors to consider include patient list sizes and expenditure to date.