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One Drug Database update

20th December 2019

We recently told you about the ‘One Drug Database’ project we’re undertaking and our plan to provide the

Important information on drug data

14th November 2019

The ‘One Drug Database’ project is underway, which will move all of our drug data into one place.

Category M price and Single Activity Fee update

15th July 2019 Changes to the Single Activity Fee and Category M reimbursement prices in the August 2019 Drug Tariff

Retrospective changes for July 2019

11th July 2019 Melatonin 5mg/5ml oral solution/suspension announcement

Retrospective payment adjustments for April to July 2019

24th June 2019 Retrospective reimbursement prices have been applied by the DHSC and the National Assembly of Wales

Migration of reports from Information Services Portal (ISP) to ePACT2 and Catalyst

9th January 2019

We're currently working to migrate a number of reports from ISP to ePACT2 and the new public facing portal

New Catalyst Public Insight Portal released for the public

20th December 2018

We have released a new portal for public users - 'Catalyst - Public Insight Portal'.

Information Services Portal (ISP) reports migrating to ePACT2

26th November 2018

NHSBSA Information Services is undergoing a major technology overhaul.  Our legacy mainframe system, which

September 2018 - Medicines Optimisation Dashboard Available

14th November 2018 September 2018 Medicines Optimisation Dashboard is now available

Elmiron 100mg Capsules are now licensed

12th November 2018

The following are now licensed and available: