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Reimbursement for PPE costs incurred within community pharmacy and DACs during the Covid-19 pandemic response

23rd December 2020 From 1 January 2021, pharmacy contractors will be eligible to claim for PPE that was purchased between...

Pharmacy Earlier Payment Scheme – January advance payment

23rd December 2020

Pharmacy contractors currently enrolled on to the Pharmacy Earlier Payment Scheme (PEPS) should note that

Detailed Prescribing Information - is being decommissioned

11th December 2020

The Detailed Prescribing Information (DPI) currently available in

Flu vaccine survey for pharmacy contractors

8th December 2020 We’ve created a survey to understand how many frontline healthcare workers have had their flu vaccine.

25% increase in PPE Portal order limits over the Christmas period

8th December 2020 DHSC has increased PPE Portal order limits by 25% as of Tuesday 8 December until at least the 4 January.

Adrenaline for anaphylaxis kits - a reminder from DHSC to Health Care Professionals

8th December 2020 A reminder on behalf of DHSC to conserve supplies of adrenaline auto-injectors for patients who need them.

Temporary suspension of submission of certain EPS tokens

7th December 2020 Information about temporary suspension of submission of certain EPS tokens.

Updates to November 2020 Drug Tariff

27th November 2020 Priadel 200mg modified-release tablets and advanced and enhanced services and emergency declaration amendment.

Drug Tariff update: Sodium bicarbonate 8.4% (1mmol/ml) solution for injection 100ml bottles

5th November 2020 Product update for the November 2020 Drug Tariff.

Amendment to the NHS Community Pharmacist Consultation Service (CPCS) and Part XVI Notes on Charges

30th October 2020 Following the publication of Amended Directions the determination for CPCS has been updated.