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Information Services

Reports and data to help NHS customers track trends, inform decisions and support policy

Prescription data

Prescription data

Prescribing related data based on items that have been dispensed in the community in England



An online application giving authorised users access to prescription data.

Information Services Portal (ISP)

Information Services Portal (ISP)

Information on registering for, logging in to and using the ISP

Dental data

Dental data

Dental related data based on treatments that have been carried out in the community in England and Wales

Requesting data for academic research

Requesting data academic research

Guidance on how to apply to use data held by the NHSBSA for research purposes.

Information Services news

Information Services Portal (ISP) reports migrating to ePACT2

26th November 2018

NHSBSA Information Services is undergoing a major technology overhaul.  Our legacy mainframe system, which

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September 2018 - Medicines Optimisation Dashboard Available

14th November 2018

September 2018 Medicines Optimisation Dashboard is now available

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Elmiron 100mg Capsules are now licensed

12th November 2018

The following are now licensed and available:

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