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Child Dependants Allowance

Eligible students attending a full time pre-registration healthcare course will be able to claim a set amount of £1,000.00 per academic year.

This is available to new students who have parental responsibility for a child who is either:

  • under the age of 15 years
  • under 17 years if the child is registered with special educational needs

Parental responsibility means someone who is either a parent or has the same legal rights, duties, powers and responsibilities as a parent for a child.

This allowance will not affect your access to child support or other means of funding through your higher education provider or other sources.

Payments will be made in three termly instalments:

  • term 1 - £250
  • term 2 - £250
  • term 3 - £500

Students on part-time courses

Students who are on eligible part-time courses will be able to apply for CDA. The amount you receive will be on a pro-rata basis:

  • 4 year part-time course - £750 per year
  • 5 year part-time course - £600 per year
  • 6 year part-time course - £500 per year

Sending your evidence to us

When sending in evidence for CDA, we require an original birth certificate for your child. If you have more than one child, we recommend sending in the birth certificate for your youngest child.

Don’t forget to include your student coversheet as this allows us to allocate the evidence to your account and will speed up the processing of your application.

If this is your first application for an element of LSF, you'll need to send us a copy of your student finance letter as evidence you're in receipt of funding. We are not able to return this letter. 

Once we have received your application and all relevant evidence, we'll process your application within 25 working days.

We recommend using Special Delivery when you post your evidence to us so you can track the documents. You should also provide a pre-paid self-addressed envelope so we can send the documents back to you.  

Useful information

This document explains your student journey when applying for CDA:

CDA Student Journey (PDF: 951KB)

Don't forget, you'll need to reapply for CDA at the start of each academic year as long as you continue to meet the eligibility criteria.