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Travel and Dual Accommodation Expenses (TDAE)

If you've attended a placement as part of your course, you may be able to claim back:

  • excess costs for travel relating to your placement, compared to your usual journey to university
  • accommodation you paid for to attend your placement

You can watch a short video with information about TDAE.

How to claim TDAE

You need to recieve the Training Grant before you can claim TDAE. 

You can download a TDAE claim form from your NHS Learning Support Fund account at any time.

You should send your completed form to your university or hand it in as soon as possible with any relevant evidence. Your university will be able to tell you how and when to do this. You have a maximum of 6 months from the last date of the placement period you’re claiming for to submit your claim.

Once we receive the claim from your university, we aim to process it within 20 working days.

You can find out more about completing the form in our guidance booklet.

Completing your TDAE claim - a guidance for students and Universities 2023/24 (PDF: 603KB)

Rates for TDAE

You can claim:

  • 30p for mile for cycling
  • 42p per mile for driving
  • £82.50 per night for commercial accommodation - for example, a hotel or bed and breakfast
  • £37.50 per night for non-commercial accommodation - for example, with a friend or relative (but not parents)