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eMC in-demand

eMC in-demand gives manufacturers and suppliers an accurate, fast and reliable method of updating product details and pricing data.

This makes sure the NHS Dictionary of Medicines and Devices (dm+d) is up to date and allows new information to be delivered quickly into clinical systems. This makes sure information is available for prescribing as soon as possible.

Log in to eMC in-demand

Register for eMC in-demand

  1. Email your details to
  2. Datapharm Ltd will email you the documents you need to sign up
  3. You’ll get a username and password to allow you to access in-demand

If you need help

Contact the support team by:

Telephone: 0191 203 5289


Product and price changes

If products are taken over by different manufacturers, they should not be discontinued from the original supplier’s portfolio. This is to make sure that historical data remains correct in NHS dictionary of medicines and devices (dm+d). We’ll need to change the supplier details to the company acquiring the product from the effective date so we can reflect its true history.

Email to inform us if any products are being taken over by new suppliers.

If you’re discontinuing any products, you must let us know which products you’re discontinuing and why. This allows us to update our portfolio correctly.

Pricing and pack size

Submissions must include the NHS list price for the individual pack size listed on dm+d. Some suppliers may charge the price as the total of packs supplied. In these cases, the individual pack size must be calculated by dividing the total price of the outer pack by the number of individual packs.


ABCDE 500gram powder – supplied in an outer pack of 4 x 500g – price is £50.00

NHS Price is £50 divided by 4 – individual pack price is £12.50

If you’re submitting pack updates with EAN code updates, you do not have to submit an SPC as part of the submission. Include a word document with a line stating ‘EAN code submission only – no SPC required’ when submitting via in-demand.

Injections with different vial sizes and strengths should be submitted separately via dm+d.

Gluten free products

For gluten free products, you can apply the gluten free indicator when submitting via in-demand.

Gluten free products are those stated in the:

  • Drug Tariff as being ‘Gluten-Free products’
  • British National Formulary as being ‘gluten-free’
  • Manufacturer’s Summary of Product Characteristics as being ‘gluten-free’

Limited stability items

If a product has a stability of 13 days or less, you should mark the preparation as having limited stability. This does not apply to injections containing a diluent vial which are reconstituted prior to administration to a patient.

Using the system

We prioritise updates in the in-demand system according to the date that the update applies from. You should be able to see the updates you’ve submitted after we’ve accepted them on in-demand. These will be visible on the dm+d browser on the next available extract after the effective date of the updates.

Data is extracted from dm+d overnight every Thursday, and the dm+d browser and in-demand are updated with this data on the Monday following the effective date.

When you submit using in-demand, we’ll send a return email to confirm that we’re dealing with your updates. If you have not received an email from us, it might be because your company has not authorised the message. You can check your update message status on in-demand.

When we receive your update it will be automatically validated against the core code or SNOMED criteria. If this changes while you’re making your update then the system will flag that there is a difference and will not process your update. You’ll get an automatic response to tell you that this has happened. You’ll need to resend the update.

Contact us if you’re not sure about why your submission has failed.

You should use in-demand to make submissions for medicinal products that are used in primary or secondary care and are licensed and available in the UK. Submissions should only be for marketed packs and not all the packs that you are licensed to manufacture.

You can find more information in the in-demand user manual under the heading ‘When to create a submission and what type?’