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Manage your NHS Bursary

Once you have your bursary, you can log in to BOSS, check your payment dates, tell us about a change of circumstances and download the forms you need.

When your Bursary Online Support System (BOSS) account is set up, you can access it whenever you need to.

If you are registering your account for the first time, please make sure you are eligible for an NHS Bursary. This can be done by checking with your university you are on an NHS Bursary funded course. Medical and Dental students can also use our personal eligibility calculator.

Log in to BOSS

In BOSS you can:

  • view your payment dates and annual entitlement
  • submit a new bursary application or a re-application
  • monitor the overall status of your application
  • notify us of a change in circumstances to a current bursary application
  • apply for Dependants’ Allowance
  • apply for Disabled Students Allowances (except for students on part-time courses)
  • change the bank details you want your bursary to be paid into
  • view the supporting evidence you’re required to submit with your application
  • download a student coversheet which must be sent off with any supporting evidence, paper forms and other correspondence that you send us

How to reapply for your NHS Bursary

If you already receive a bursary, we'll email you to invite you to reapply and let you know when the deadlines are.

  • Invites are always sent by email with a letter attached.
  • Check your junk mail regularly.

If you complete your online BOSS form and send in your supporting evidence and student coversheet within the deadline, your bursary payments will be in place for the start of the next academic year. If you miss the deadline, your payments will be delayed.

In all cases, we must receive your bursary application, including all your supporting evidence, within six months of the start of the academic year.

Don’t create a new BOSS account

It’s important that all continuing students use their current BOSS log in details to reapply and must not create a new BOSS account.

When we’ll invite you to reapply

Application windows Autumn 2017 (non-medical / dental continuing students)

What type of student are you? Date we'll email your invite to apply Deadline to post your application and supporting evidence
Fees only 21-22 February 2017 7 April 2017
Single, independent students 7 March 2017 14 April 2017
Dependants allowance and childcare allowance 4 April 2017 12 May 2017
All other 25 - 27 April 2017 16 June 2017


Check your NHS Bursary dates

Your bursary is paid into your bank account monthly on the third Friday of the month.

New students

You’ll receive your first bursary payment within 10 working days of us receiving confirmation that you have started your course (provided you sent us your application form and supporting information by the deadline).

Your first payment will be for two months’ worth of bursary and then the remaining payments will be paid on the third Friday of each month.

Continuing students

Provided we received your application within the deadline, your payments will not be disrupted and you'll continue to be paid on the third Friday of each month.


Tell us about a change of circumstances

You can use the change of circumstances form in BOSS as soon as you have submitted an application.

The form can be used to tell us about:

  • change of name
  • change of address
  • change of telephone number
  • change of marital status (if already cohabiting prior to marriage)
  • applying for a new childcare allowance claim if you did not apply on your main application, a paper BOSS CCA form will also be needed for this
  • changes to childcare provider or cost during the academic year, a childcare reconciliation form will also be needed for this . If any of the new costs claimed are within a Childcare Reconciliation period that has already ended, you must also send receipts for that period
  • a change in childcare arrangements – if you’re no longer paying for childcare, you need to give written confirmation giving the date that you last used the childcare provider
  • amendments / additions to your dependant children
  • amendments / additions to your own income / expenses