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NHS Bursary hardship grant

You may be able to claim between £100 and £3,000, depending on your current financial circumstances.

To apply you must be:

  • on a course studying to be a doctor or dentist
  • eligible for a full bursary (tuition fees, non-means tested grant, and any means-tested bursary)
  • in genuine hardship
  • unable to manage any shortfall between your income and expenditure

How to apply for the hardship grant

You should apply by email and include:

  • details and evidence of your daily income and expenses
  • evidence that you’ve applied for other funding, such as student loans and university hardship funds
  • signed university approval of your NHS Bursary Hardship Grant application

Evidence you can provide could include:

  • bank statements for the last 3 months
  • mortgage statement or tenancy agreement
  • utility bills

Email us your information and use ‘NHS Medical and Dental Hardship application’ as your subject heading.


We’ll work out if there is a shortage between your income and expenses. If there’s a shortfall, we’ll pay you based on this amount.