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Travel and Dual Accommodation Expenses (TDAE)

TDAE used to be called Practice Placement Expenses (PPE).

If you’ve attended a clinical placement, you could get money back for excess travel and accommodation costs.

What you could get

Excess travel costs

The cost to and from your placement must be more than your normal daily travel cost to and from your university.

If you’re eligible, you could claim:

  • bicycle – 20p per mile
  • motor vehicles – 28p per mile
  • passenger miles – 5p per mile

Travel costs can also include:

  • car parking
  • permit charges
  • congestion charges
  • tunnel or bridge tolls
  • community travel

Temporary accommodation

If you’re eligible, you could claim back up to:

  • £55 per night for commercial accommodation (for example, hotel, bed and breakfast)
  • £25 per night for staying with a friend or relative, but not parents

Overseas placements

If you attend a placement outside the UK, Isle of Man, or the Channel Islands, you could claim money back for:

  • accommodation
  • travel
  • insurance
  • medical tests
  • vaccinations
  • visa fees

How to claim TDAE

You must be accepted for at least the £1,000 non-means tested bursary first. Then:

  1. Apply for NHS Bursary.
  2. Download a TDAE form (PDF: 763KB).
  3. Send your completed form and any relevant invoices or receipts to your university.

You can submit your claim up to 6 months from the last day of the placement period you’re claiming for.

Find out more in our TDAE guidance booklet (PDF: 895KB).

You can watch a short (YouTube) video with information about TDAE.