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Social work students

Find out about the funding available for social work students and how to apply.

Social work bursaries:

  • can be used to help with study and living costs
  • are paid into the student’s bank account at the start of each term
  • don’t need to be paid back
  • are limited (or capped) so there’s only a certain number available each year
  • are only available to those students who can prove they are eligible
  • must be applied for each academic year
  • are available to students who normally live in England 

Undergraduate students can only apply from their second year of study.

Postgraduate students can apply for every year of study.

Bursary guides 

Read through the guide for the year you’re applying for – it will help with the application process and contains useful information that you might need during the year.
Your guide to social work bursaries 2017/18 (1.43MB)

Social Work Bursary allocations and rates for 2016/17 published by the Department of Heath

5th August 2016

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