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Dental Provider Assurance

The Dental Provider Assurance (PA) services deliver performance and contract management activities. The service provides an assurance about the quality and probity of treatment delivered by NHS primary care dentistry contracts.

We deliver assurance for dental providers, commissioners and stakeholders through evidence based activities. We use these activities to understand risks and enable providers and commissioners to manage them.


We've been supporting NHS England and Welsh Health Boards in their management of contracts through our Clinical Advisors since 2006. More recently we have supported their response to the NHS Protect Loss Analysis Report by delivering the 28 Day Re-attendance activity review.

We are working with NHS England and Welsh Health Boards to develop the service further with the following objectives:

  • make sure that all providers are treated consistently
  • manage risks at a national level
  • free up commissioners to support providers locally

    Principles of delivery

    We aim to deliver this service by:

    • making sure it is always clinically led
    • working in collaboration with providers
    • focusing on specific risks
    • delivering guidance and information
    • make sure an evidenced based and non-judgemental service
    • enabling and supporting providers to deliver their activity